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“He is a sweet guy, talented but we just close friends. République démocratique du Congo : information sur les pratiques matrimoniales chez les Lubas, y compris la fréquence des mariages forcés chez les femmes adultes, ainsi que la possibilité pour une personne d'épouser quelqu'un d'une autre origine ethnique ou d'une autre région; aide et protection offertes aux femmes lubas en cas de mariage forcé, y compris le lévirat (2010-avril 2014) Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Marriage practices among the Luba, including frequency of forced marriage for adult women, as well as the possibility for a person to marry someone of a different ethnicity or from a different region; recourse available to Luba women in cases of forced marriage, including levirate marriage (2010-April 2014), , COD104852.l Join the Daily Dispatch, Tru FM and Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre’s anti-xenophobia march at 1pm on Tuesday, April 28.The march starts at the war memorial near the EL Museum in Oxford Street and will proceed to the City Hall.Asked why she married a foreigner, Perry said she grew up in a difficult home and felt attracted to men from other cultures. Her sentiments were echoed by four other women engaged to foreign nationals across the city.Zukiswa Magqaza, 33, Hlumisa Mnkani, 21, Zingisa Sigidi, 22, and Yandiswa Dlakavu, 21, said their Nigerian fiancés had restored their dignity and self-esteem.“I look at what is happening around the country [xenophobia] and I hold my son and cry because these people are fighting our husbands who are the fathers of our children,” Sigidi said.“The local men ask me why I am marrying a kwerekwere, but is it a crime to marry a kwerekwere?

The gorgeous singer has also slammed rumours that she is dating hunk singer Kagwe Mungai who has been sending her several love shoutout messages on his social pages.FOREIGN ATTRACTION: Wearing traditional African garments representing the countries of their spouses, from left, Babalwa Perry, Hlumisa Mnkani, Aaliyah Yandiswa Dlakavu, Zingisa Sigidi and Zukiswa Magqaza-Nazarus Picture: ALAN EASON The African Wives Association (AWA) in East London, a local support group that comprises more than 30 Xhosa women who are either married or engaged to foreign nationals, said they felt alienated by the government and abused by police, and worst of all, relatives called their men names.But the women, who arrived in beautiful West African outfits at the Dispatch, declared they had fallen in love with their men and would stand side by side with them.“We have been together since 2005, but still today my family refer to my children as grigambas [a derogatory term],” said Perry.She said her husband was struggling to get a South African ID and permanent residence although he had been in the country for more than 10 years. Although he has settled and integrated in the community he is still living on temporary asylum papers which he has to renew every three months,” said Perry, who was born in Duncan Village.

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