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Mvd A: Data delivering of RNH (Registration Network Family Practices), article development (editing).WJvd V: Data delivering of RNG (Registration Network Groningen), article development (editing).FGS: Data delivering of NS2 (2nd National Study), article development (editing). JJv B: Development of protocol (advisor), article development (editing).

Six Dutch general practice research and registration networks supplied incidence and prevalence rates of nutritional deficiency by the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) or ‘E-list’ labels (‘loss of appetite, feeding problem adult, iron, pernicious/folate deficiency anaemia, vitamin deficiencies and other nutritional disorders, weight loss’).

It negatively influences quality of life (Larsson et al, 1995; Shoup et al, 1997; Mostert et al, 2000), and above all increases the risk of mortality (Wilson et al, 1989; Ryan et al, 1995; Anker et al, 1997; Schols et al, 1998; Landbo et al, 1999; Sullivan et al, 1999).

Cancer and chronic diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure, are frequently accompanied by advanced nutritional deficiency, caused by a hyper-metabolic state, which may be aggravated by a reduced appetite, also referred to as cachexia (Anker & Coats, 1999; Schols, 2002).

Contributors: CAMv W: Development of protocol, delivering of CMR (Continuous Morbidity Registration) & data collection & analysis, drafting of manuscript.

FAvd L: Development of protocol, article development (co-drafting).

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