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To back up his thesis that this isn't a reflection of a "natural" desire on men's part, Schwyzer cites a 2007 study done in Sweden (though linking only to an article in The Economist that briefly mentions the study). Here's the first paragraph of their discussion at the end of the paper: "We show that the offspring count of both men and women who did not change their partner (i.e.the other parent) between the birth of their first and last child increased, .In fact, the study he cites refutes both his contention that "the science" shows this to be other than a natural behavior pattern and his moralistic scolding of Depp for dating a 27 year-old.After noting that, "The strategic reproductive benefit of choosing a younger woman diminished as the age gap widened," without including the crucial stipulation that the study only included couples who only had children with each other, Schwyzer writes, "According to the science, Depp was better matched with Paradis (nine years his junior) than with the new girlfriend." No, that's not what the science says. Schwyzer's "proof" that men's fecundity didn't increase when they hooked up with younger women didn't include men who had a second family after hooking up with a younger woman, as Depp seems poised to do. Apparently oblivious to his complete failure to make the scientific point, Schwyzer stumbles along into the judgmental denunciation of men's morals and motivations, writing, "So if older men aren't pursuing much younger women because of evolutionary hardwiring, why do they?increased the younger the female partner was compared to the male," the authors stipulate that they only included couples who "did not change their partner (i.e.the other parent) between the birth of their first and last child..." So Schwyzer's contention that there is no evolutionary basis underlying this attraction, expressed as reproductive pay-off, is not supported by the only study he cites.

This clearly isn't quite the case, so some women are getting sub-optimal men, and it's feminism's woe-manly job to complain endlessly about this, like everything else.

Infant mortality and childhood deaths bring the life expectancy down, bringing it to the thirties and forties, even though there's not much evidence to show that adult prehistoric peoples were dropping dead at 35-40.

I think that it was by looking at teeth that we can't tell if a full grown adult is older than 35, so many skeletons were simply recorded as 35 , so these life expectancy calculations greatly misinterpret the data. Evolution wise, it is also true that a 40-something man is unlikely to win a fight with an 18-year-old in his physical prime.

He's fixated on a few themes (that meet the expectations of his feminist overlords), and he knows some big words, but he couldn't reason his way out of a wet paper bag. Don Steele, who was a proponent of Nathaniel Brandon, elucidated older man-younger women pairing psychology in his classic "How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35, Volumes I and II".

I really wish he would go away and not spread his nonsense all over the Internet. Perhaps we are seeing a return to more logical and scientific critiques of gender relation phenomena.

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